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MampStack Apps Not Visible from Internet

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I am using MampStack and several app modules on port 8080. I am new to Bitnami but am very familiar with port forwarding/DMZs, etc.

I am running MampStack and the apps on an Apple Mac Mini Snow Leopard Server.

I am also running Mamp Pro on port 8888.

Despite a thorough effort to route port 8080 to the Mampstack apps, none can be seen from the Internet but can be seen/used on our local home network.

The Mamp Pro server/apps on port 8888 work fine from the home network OR from the Internet.

I have read EVERYTHING in the Bitnami forums on this topic but have not had any success at accessing the Bitnami apps from the Internet.

Any thoughts or suggestions to resolve this problem. Thank you.

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It is strange. Some application requires to specify the IP address: wordpress, gallery, ocportal and moodle. other applications does not require to configure any IP or domain name. Do you get any error in the apache2/logs/error.log file?

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Attached is the error log (all of it). Some errors but I’m not sure what some of them actually mean. Thank you.


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After reading through this forum, I’m wondering if there isn’t some sort of a problem with Bitnami since so many people seem to have the same problem (can’t access from the Internet). It can’t all be due to port forwarding errors.

I checked my external URL via a couple of anonymous proxies and got messages like this:
The requested resource could not be loaded. libcurl returned the error:
couldn’t connect to host
The requested resource could not be loaded. libcurl returned the error:
connect() timed out!

Bitnami is the only package system that I’ve ever had problems with accessing from the Internet. Absolutely none of the apps can be accessed from outside.

This is sure making me scratch my head…

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2010-10-16 Update…

I went into the Apache2 conf file and changed the port from 8080 to 10001. I set a port forward from my router to my Mac Mini Server’s IP address on port 10001. Bingo! The Bitname Apps are visible from the Internet. I used Proxy Server to confirm.

I also changed WordPress’s IP reference from 8080 to 10001 and it works too. I’m sure if other apps used the 8080 IP address, they would have to be changed too.

I’m not really sure why the above process works but it did for me. I do not have any port blocks from my ISP on 8080 or any other ports so I still wonder if something within the Bitnami package cause the problem. I may do a little more experimenting with other port numbers to see if only 8080 gives the problem.

How about it Bitnami Tech Support anything in the code that would account for 8080 being a problem in viewing from the Internet? Many Bitnami users have reported this problem. Anyone’s ISP blocking port 8080? Why does this occur? This problem needs some answers or Bitnami apps will be locked up on home networks rather than deliver on the promise of sharing apps with friends, family, and the public.


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2010-10-16 Update #2…

Operating Bitnami on port 10001 continues to work flawlessly and is absolutely viewable from the Internet as confirmed by several friends.

I noticed in the Bitnami server log there is a reference to when I stopped/started the servers (Apache and MySQL):

[19:32] Syntax OK
/Applications/mampstack-1.2-3/apache2/scripts/ : httpd started at port 8080

Notice the reference to port 8080 even though I manually edited the Apache2 conf file (httpd.conf) to change the port from 8080 to 10001. I’m guessing this (“…httpd started at port 8080”) is a hard-coded comment by the programmer as the server is definitely listening to port 10001.

This brings about a question for the Bitnami Tech Support folks: Is there a way to globally change the listening port rather than all of this manual effort?

Also for you WordPress Admins, there is a great plug-in (Search and Replace) that is available from WordPress that will let you search and replace just about anything within the WordPress database so if you need to global replaces of things like URLs, port numbers, etc., after the fact, it makes it a snap to do.

Now I await some replies from Bitnami Tech Support for this and previous posts on this topic. Bitnami is much more useful now that I can access it from my home network AND the Internet.

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Thanks for posting all this info. It is strange that changing the port resolves this issue. We will investigate this. I have one BitNami installation in a Linux operating system and I can access from internet without problems. Not sure if this could be a problem only on OS X. The only places that you should substitute the port is in the httpd.conf and in the apache2/scripts/ file. We will fixed that for the future and it will be only necessary to modify the httpd.conf file.


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