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Help copying Mantis data to new Mantis module install?

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Avatar EdOfTheMountain 2 post(s)

I seek advice migrating data from “Bitnami Mantis 1.1.0 stack” to the new “Mantis 1.1.2-0-module” version. I had only partial success copying this folder:

C:\Mantis Backup Sept 19\Program Files\BitNami Mantis Stack\mysql\data


C:\Program Files\BitNami WAMPStack\mysql\data\bitnami_mediawiki\

This seemed to partially restore restore Mantis but I am missing the last 4 months of bug report data. Do I need to go back to my old setup and learn how to backup and import MySQL or can I get this working with simple file copying?

My destination stack is:
WAMPStack 1.0-beta-3
Mantis 1.1.2-0-module

Thanks in advance for any tips or suggestions,


PS: Your new modules are way cool! Great job!

Avatar antonio 621 post(s)

Hi Ed,

We love to hear that you like the new modules :)

And about your question, unfortunately, I’m no expert on Mantis, but I’ve found some interesting links in the official documentation that may prove useful


Avatar eesutton 18 post(s)

Something like this:

1 – mysqldump -uroot -pmypassword bitnami_mantis > bitnami_mantis.dump
2 – Install new Bitnami Mantis module
3 – mysql -uroot -pmypassword bitnami_mantis < bitnami_mantis.dump
4 – Copy over your old config_inc.php (You might have to set the DB user and password as the password was encrypted – not sure how to do this securely)

What I have learned. DO REGULAR mysqldumps !! You can’t (easily) just copy backup folders to upgrade or move to a new server.


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