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Include DokuWiki and JPGraph

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Avatar titoasturies 8 post(s)

Mantis is a good product, but it’d be complete with DokuWiki integration.
JPGraph could be included too, but license system has education/commercial sides only.

Avatar Daniel Lopez Administrator 140 post(s)


We will be creating development stacks (bugtracking, wiki, subversion, etc.) although we will likely start with Trac and Redmine and leave Mantis for later on



Avatar platefox 1 post

Any news on this ?
I’ve started integrating mantis with dokuwiki using the doc at… but I realized that they must be on the same server.

Keep up the good work.

Avatar victoria Administrator 134 post(s)


You can install RubyStack or depending on the platform LAMPStack, MAMPStack or WAMPStack. Then install the BitNami modules for Mantis and DokuWiki (you can find more information about BitNami modules in…. Now you just need to follow the instructions in… for integrating both applications.

I hope it helps.

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