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Installing module on Lamp stack

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Avatar willson 1 post

The installation instructions for modules were not easy (close to impossible?) to find.
Eventually I found out that double-clicking on the file, as stated in the instructions, would not work – - so I went to root to execute the bin file – without success – until I figured out that a “dot slash” was required before the name of the bin – - i.e. ./ .

It was installed with root as owner and group, except for htdocs which had “daemon” as owner.

The databases weren’t created either.

Not a success. I will delete and try again.

If any of these symptoms seem familiar and anyone has suggestions – - let me know.

Avatar eesutton 18 post(s)

As a recent Windows-to-Linux switcher, the “./” prefix required under Linux is not intuitive. Linux users assume it is so obvious to all. I figured if I opened a terminal in the same directory, it should know what I was trying to execute right? Not the case in reality. I agree it would be nice to document this for us Linux newbies.

Besides that though, I have had no troubles installing and running Bitnami LAMP stack and MediaWiki, and Mantis modules if logged on as root or using sudo (Google for visudo). After installing, open a terminal at /opt/lampstack-1.2.-4/ or wherever, and run “./ctrlscript start” (Don’t for get the “./”. ;-)

Once you get it working, be sure to do regular mysqldumps of bitnami_mantis database.

Hope this helps,


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