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Mantis Windows problem

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Avatar antonio 621 post(s)

Hi syed,

Quoting myself from the first post in this page:

No, the stacks are all independent. The needed configuration is in the installation folder, no registry tweaking involved :)
The only problem that I think could happen would be if you install the new stack with the RubyStack services off. That way, both stacks will use the same ports, so you can only run one at a time. If you install the new stack with the RubyStack services running, you will be prompted to choose different ports for the servers, as the default ones will be already taken.


Avatar lmelo 7 post(s)

Hola alguien me podria ayudar para instalar windows en windows XP, es posible, la otra opcion es instalarlo sobre windows server 2003.
les agradeceria si me ayudan para decirme si es posible y si me pueden dar una luz de como hacerlo.

Avatar lmelo 7 post(s)

somebody could tell me if it is possible install mantis over windows XP or windows server 2003? if this installations is possible which of these are more recommended.


Avatar Beltrán Rueda Administrator 3,714 post(s)


BitNami Mantis Stack puede instalarse en XP o 2003. Descarga la versión de windows y sigue las instrucciones de instalación.

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