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windows 2003 server mantis stack install

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Avatar sorrow 2 post(s)

So after installing the stack everything is working well except for mail. I don’t get an e-mail when i create a user or when i change the password of a user.

I don’t presently have any mail system setup on this server, i was hoping something was built in… do i need to set up sendmail?

thanks in advance!

Avatar antonio 621 post(s)


You can find the official documentation on how to set up the mail at


Avatar sorrow 2 post(s)

That would a definition of usable values, not information on how to get mail working with bitnami’s install stack for mantis.

Which ini file does bitnami use as the confi for this, that those mantis variables are in? because the conf one i see doesn’t have them in it.


Avatar antonio 621 post(s)

Hi again,

We have never configured it, but the file you have to modify is <installation directory>\apps\mantis\htdocs\config_inc.php Just add the new options to the already defined list. Also, you will need to install and configure PHPMailer, which you can download from (installation instructions in the included README).

I hope that helps

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