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calling the scripts in mediawiki stack

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Avatar baggins 1 post

I am trying to understand when/how the various scripts are called in the mw stack.

I understand how serviceinstall.bat and servicerun.bat are used but I don’t see when or where the other scripts are called.

in the main directory

and in the scripts directory

Thanks for any help.

Avatar Beltrán Rueda Administrator 3,714 post(s)


- use_mediawiki.bat. This script only set the PATH correctly, calling to “setenv.bat”. If you use this script (or the shortcut) you open a command prompt where the PATH is configured. You can type any command included in the Stack: mysql, php, etc.

- launch.bat. Basically the same that use_mediawiki.bat but this script is used during the installation.

- setenv.bat. This script contains the Stack environment variables.

I hope it helps.

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