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Can't access phpmyadmin

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Avatar darkcodemonkey 1 post

I’ve downloaded and installed the Windows version of the BitNami media wiki stack and am already having issues. I wanted to start up phpmyadmin and when it comes up with the username and password dialogue, I enter everything in, but it just dissapears for a split second and then reappears blank like it didn’t accept it. I’m possitive that I’m putting in the right username and password. and have tested it in mediawiki (username:root password:root1 just as a test after first installing. Also tried username:bitnami password:bitnami) If anyone could give me any info on what I’m possibly doing wrong it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advanced.

Avatar Beltrán Rueda Administrator 3,714 post(s)


The phpMyAdmin credentials are “administrator” and the password is the same that you set during the installation.

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