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Avatar warpstone 1 post

I’m running a bitnami wamp stack with a mediawiki module.

Can I simply install the Mediawiki module again to create another wiki instance such as /wiki1, /wiki2, etc.?

Or am I going to have to roll my sleeves and manually play with port settings and path?


Avatar Beltrán Rueda Administrator 3,714 post(s)

Sorry, this feature is not available yet but I’m sure that we will implement in the future. The workaround is to install one, then move the folder in the “your_installdir/apps/dokuwiki” to “your_installdir/apps/dokuwiki2” and then install a new one.

Once you have two installations you can add the following at the end of the “your_installation/apache2/conf/httpd.conf”:

Include “/path/to/dokuwiki1”
Include “/path/to/dokuwiki2”

And you can modify the urls in the “your_installdir/apps/dokuwiki/conf/dokuwiki.conf” file.

I hope it helps.

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