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BitNAMI windows 7 installation issue

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I have installed BitNAMI Moodle Stack on Windows 7 Professional.

I have forwarded port 80 on my router for the static IP

I have pointed the DNS to my router public IP

I have modified the host file and have added:

but when ever i try to access the site i get the error below:

Incorrect access detected, this server may be accessed only through “” address, sorry.
Please notify server administrator.

I have changed config.php many times but
wasn’t able to solve the problem

please help

Avatar Beltrán Rueda Administrator 3,714 post(s)


These are the exact steps to publish your moodle site. Are you trying to access from out of your LAN right? Did you reboot the servers from the Windows shrotcuts? Maybe it is the browser cache, could you try to clean the cache or using a different browser?

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