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Download error

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Avatar mshenoud 3 post(s)

It seams that my first message was not posted correctly. If I am wrong sorry for the double post. I tried to download the (supposedly) 55 MB file for the full stack of Moodle on Windows. The file was instead 1 MB and clicking on it got a warning dialog box that I am installing something, when I clicked on install it went away and nothing happened! Could someone please verify that the correct file is available for download?


Avatar Beltrán Rueda Administrator 3,714 post(s)

It is strange. I could get the 55MB installer. Could you try to download again?

Avatar mshenoud 3 post(s)

yes strange indeed, when I tried (just now) to download with IE it worked but when I tried with Chrome (a few seconds later) it doid not work. It may be something that you guys need to look into. But thanks any ways as it worked wit IE

Avatar carlos Administrator 144 post(s)


we have tried downloading from Chrome with different configurations (enabling / disabling javascript etc) and it seems to work fine. Do you get any errors in Control – Developer – JavaScript Console when you click on the link ?

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