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I tried to install the Moodle stack onto my netbook. I kept getting error messages during the installation and decided to abort the installation. At that point, I saw that an uninstallation process begin. I am now trying to reinstall it, but cannot get past choosing a folder to install the stack. It is currently set up for C:\Program Files\BitNami Moodle Stack. If I try and delete the folder, I am not allowed to – it says I cannot delete mysqld.exe. If I change the folder, I cannot get past “Please enter your MySQL database information”.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Avatar Beltrán Rueda Administrator 3,714 post(s)


It seems that the MySQL database is running. Try the following, go to the services panel and stop the services: Control Panel → Admin tools → Services and stop moodleMySQL and moodleApache if they are running. Then remove your installation directory before starting the installation.

Could you post the errors during the installation?


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