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Please Help Me Urgent

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Avatar chiripa 1 post

Hello Bitnami

I had installed:

1. bitnami-wampstack-1.2-4-windows-installer.exe
2. bitnami-radiant-0.8.1-0-windows-installer.exe
3. bitnami-ocportal-4.1.10-3-module-windows-installer.exe
4. bitnami-drupal-6.20-1-module-windows-installer.exe
5. bitnami-moodle-2.0.1-0-module-windows-installer.exe

I created an informatics course for my school by 30 days. For save space in my hard disk I uninstall radiant and drupal but when I start moodle it doesn’t work.

I copied the moodle folder that was inside of “BitNami WAMPStack” and “apps”.

I uninstall all bitnami software and cleaned the register of my computer then I install again wampstack and moodle and delete the moodle folder and copied my moodle folder backup but say:

Error: Database connection failed
It is possible that the database is overloaded or otherwise not running properly.
The site administrator should also check that the database details have been correctly specified in config.php

Please help me

Avatar Beltrán Rueda Administrator 3,714 post(s)


If you have deleted the database you can not restore your Moodle data. If you want to restore your Moodle installation you should saved a copy of the MySQL database.

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