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installer sets incorrect MySQL root password

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Avatar knet 1 post

The installer uses the value of —base_password (instead of the value of —mysql_password) to set the root MySQL password.

This is reproducible. I have run the native Linux installer for Radiant 0.8.1 over and over again, always with the same results. The MySQL root password is the same password used by the user’s blog account.

Here is an example:

/tmp/bitnami-radiant-0.8.1-0-linux-installer.bin —prefix /mnt/persist/bitnami-radiant-0.8.1-0 —mode unattended —apache_server_port 80 —mysql_port 3306 —apache_server_ssl_port 443 —mysql_database_name bitnami_radiant —mysql_password root_password —mysql_database_username bitnami_radiant —mysql_database_password user_password —web_server_domain —base_user bob —base_password testing —base_user_name Bob —mongrel_port 3000 —apachemongrelmodule_port1 3001 —apachemongrelmodule_port2 3002

That should set the MySQL root password to “root_password”. Instead it sets it to “testing”.

It’s easy enough for me to workaround; I can use mysqladmin after installation to fix the password. However, for other users this is likely to result in installations that have less secure than desired root passwords…


Avatar carlos Administrator 144 post(s)

Hi knet,

Thanks for your feedback. We will investigate this.

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