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I’m using Bitnami Redmine 1.2.0 and changed the configuration that it is reachable from http://servername like described in….3f. This works without any problems. If I type in my browser’s address bar “http://servername”, I get the starting page.

What I want is to change this, I want to be redirected to see a specific site like http://servername/projects/abc/wiki. How can I do this? Simply putting a http-redirect into “C:\BitNami Redmine Stack\apache2\htdocs\index.html” has no effect.

Avatar andreb 6 post(s)

After some searching, I changed config/routes.rb from Redmine. If you change

map.home ‘’, :controller => ’welcome’


map.home ‘’, :controller => ’wiki’, :action => ‘show’, :project_id => ‘mp’

I get redirected to the wiki of project “mp” if I enter Redmine’s starting URL.

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Hi Andre, I am glad you solved the issue and thanks for taking the time to explain how you did it. Have you considered posting your question and answer to ? We want to move a lot of the BitNami support over there because it is much easier to search existing questions than in the forums, as well as voting up the most interesting/common ones (like this one :)

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