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How to rewrite Redmine URL to a different name?

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Avatar Kunal 5 post(s)

I intended to install several instances of Bitnami Redmine on 1 machine, so I first installed the Bitnami RubyStack, then installed the Bitnami Redmine Module.

However, the Bitnami Redmine Module installed in, and ran off the /redmine folder and URL, so that my redmine URL was http://domain/redmine.

I want to be able to access each instance of Redmine using a different, meaningful URL. For example, access instance 1 of Redmine as http://domain/team1, instance 2 of Redmine as http://domain/team2, and so on.

Is all of this possible? If so how?
Thanks in advance.

Avatar Beltrán Rueda Administrator 3,714 post(s)


It is not possible to install more than a Redmine module in the same RubyStack currently. You can customize the URL following these steps

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