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Redmine user cant login svn

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Avatar artou 1 post

hello all

I have a big problem,after I installed bitnami-redmine-1.2.0-0-linux-installer.bin,and configure Redmine for advanced integration with Subversion.…, I follow this doc to config.

Now I add user in Redmine,but this user can’t login in svn.

please tell me why,thx.

Avatar Beltrán Rueda Administrator 3,714 post(s)


Not sure but maybe it could be related to your issue.…

“If the repositories are not created automatically by reposman.rb, it is important that the repository name is the same as the project identifier in Redmine, otherwise will fail to authenticate users. For example, if the path to the repository is /path/to/repository/foo-bar, then the project Identifier on the Settings page must be foo-bar.”

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