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Update strategy Redmine/RubyStack/Ubuntu ?

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Avatar diimdeep 13 post(s)

Hello, we started using Redmine at work.
Now we have RubyStack Stack 2.2-0 + Redmine module 1.2.1-0 on Ubuntu Desktop 11.04 64-bit.
No installed plugins, only Basecamp theme.
How we can easy and right upgrade/update our installation to latest verson ?
What is best way to do that ?

I see next:

  • Backup mysql db, files, config, plugins
  • Install new RubyStack Stack + Redmine module
  • Import backuped data
  • Update existing Redmine install from redmine svn ?
Avatar Beltrán Rueda Administrator 3,714 post(s)

Hi, I suggest to use the first method: install a new version of RubyStack + Redmine and them migrate your data to this new installation. If you use the second method, upgrading Redmine from the repository, ensure that you did a backup. You can find more info at

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