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Any chanse of JrubyStack and RubyStack beeing ported to Solaris?

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Avatar Trograin 2 post(s)

Hi there everyone!

I am new to this site and this forum, found my way by an accident when looking for ruby and Jruby running on Solaris and a simplified way of installing them there. I am new aswell to Opensolaris X86 by the way :)

Been downloading SAMP allready and just about to install it on my own Opensolaris X86 server at home, but what I would luve to see is RubySTACk and JRubySTACK form Bitnami for OpenSolaris X86.

Is this going to happen or is the interest simple to small for this? Would be amazingly happy to see such a port.

Unfortunatly my porting skills are pretty lame so I can not help out with any such porting, but I am looking forward to the day these two stacks can be found for OpenSolaris X86.

Yours Truly

- Trograin aka Boban Alempijevic

PS!! Noticed that this post could have fone under the suggestion forum, dont know how to take this one away, so an admin, please do so, I will post same post under the right forum!

Avatar danoo Administrator 81 post(s)

Hi Trograin,

We are currently working on new release. We took into account people requests and RubyStack 1.2 will include updated components and additionally nginx (+ nginx fair proxy balancer module), git, ruby19 and many useful gems. We should release beta soon – only for Linux & Mac OS X for now. Then we should start working on Windows version.

We really would like to support Solaris and it is on our schedule but first we need to make it work on Linux, Windows and OS X.

I will let you know when the Solaris port is started.

Thanks for your comments,