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backing up and redeploying Bitnami Rubystack

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Avatar andrew_mv 5 post(s)

Hi, I’m currently running a project on Bitnami Rubystack on Windows. Now I need to move the entire stack and running applications to different Windows machine. How do I go about it? Will a simple copy and paste suffice?
Please advice!

Avatar carlos Administrator 144 post(s)


You can do it following these steps:

  • Stop all RubyStack services: you can use the link in start menu “BitNami RubyStack > RubyStack Service > Stop BitNami RubyStack Service” (you may need to start it as administrator) or you may run
    "${installdir}\servicerun.bat" STOP
  • Copy rubystack folder to the exact same location in the new machine
  • Install all services. You can do this running:
    "${installdir}\serviceinstall.bat" INSTALL
  • Start them:
    "${installdir}\servicerun.bat" START

In order to install and start the services you will need to have administration privileges.

I hope it helps

Avatar andrew_mv 5 post(s)

Hi Carlos,

Thank You for your response.
I did exactly as directed in your post. I stopped the services , copied the folder to new machine and started the services. On starting the server I was presented with missing plugin/ gem errors which I resolved by installing them again. However, now when I try to move into production(>rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV=production, I get the error “rake aborted! uninitialized constant ActionView”. It seems to work fine in development though. I appear to have overlooked something. Any help in this regard will be appreciated.

Avatar andrew_mv 5 post(s)

I managed to resolve this problem. Actually I had introduced a function inheriting from ActionView in my environment.rb file. When I “commented out” this function I was able to run rake db:migrate in production environment. Thereafter, I uncommented the said function and started the server and everything seems to be allright again.
Thank you for help