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Bitnami 1.5.4: ImageMagic doesn't work?

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Avatar julian 6 post(s)

hi everyone it seems that ImageMagick is screwed on my build of Bitnami 1.5.4. The docs say 6.5.2-9 is installed but the directory structure makes that abundantly apparent it’s not the case with common/lib containing 6.4.7. is wrong by trying to set paths to 6.5.2-9. Setting this to 6.4.7 meant that the binaries would actually run at all (instead of whining about missing delegates.xml). However I then get this weirdness I wanted some advice on:

.identify.bin: no decode delegate for this image format `/…/pony.jpg’ @ constitute.c/ReadImage/526.
bash-3.2$ convert -list configure

Path: /Applications/Rails/common/lib/ImageMagick-6.4.7/config/configure.xml

Name Value

DELEGATES bzlib freetype jpeg png wmf zlib

Any idea why it things it can’t find a delegate for jpeg when it’s listed? Is it possible for some reason although it can find a list of delegates, where it actually calls the delegates is configured somewhere else — and that might be wrong?

thanks very much in advance!

Avatar julian 6 post(s)

For more detail see thread on the ImageMagick forums — something is definitely screwy…