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Can't create new database on any platform

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Avatar RScottR 3 post(s)

I’ve installed rubystack on XP, linux, and my MAC OSX Leopard boxes. When I get into the stack via use_ruby.bat, I can get into mysql fine, but when I try to create a new database on any of those platforms I get “ERROR 1044: <42000>: Access denied for user ‘rubystack’@’localhost to database ‘railslist_dev’ (or whatever name I’ve provided.

What am I missing in all this?


Avatar Beltrán Rueda Administrator 3,714 post(s)


The “rubystack” user only can access to some databases (rubystack_production, rubystack_development and rubystack_test). If you want to create a new database, you need to login as root user:

mysql -u root -p


Avatar RScottR 3 post(s)

Solved my problem handily! Thanks….