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Can't generate scaffold

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Avatar tkent1 1 post

I am folowing the tutorial in ONLamp and when I generate the scaffolds, I get an error message halfway through. I am using Vista. Can you help?

C:\PROGRA1\BITNAM1\cookbook2>ruby script\generate scaffold recipe recipe exists app/controllers/ exists app/helpers/ exists app/views/recipe exists app/views/layouts/ exists test/functional/ dependency model exists app/models/ exists test/unit/ exists test/fixtures/ identical app/models/recipe.rb identical test/unit/recipe_test.rb identical test/fixtures/recipes.yml #28000Access denied for user ‘root’@’localhost’ (using password: NO)

Avatar Manuel 71 post(s)

Hi tkent1,

It seems that your rails application is not connecting properly to the MySQL database. This can be because a incorrect configuration in the config\database.yml file. Can you please check that? For directions about how to configure you new Rails application see our From InstantRails to RubyStack, specially the point “How do I create another Rails application?”.

We hope this helps, thanks!