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Avatar patchwork 1 post

So I have a rails app and I want to be able to package it up so that someone can install it on their own machine. This obviously led me here. This all seems about perfect, but I’m not sure how to proceed.

Ideally to build the installable package I would like to just install my application in my own local rubystack, and then package that up somehow so that it is the installer. From all I can tell rubystack helps me install rails locally but not necessarily package the app as an installable file.

For that it seems I need InstallBuilder? I downloaded the trial version, but didn’t see how to build the app with rubystack in the way that all of those variables get substituted out on the ultimate user’s local machine. What am I missing here?

Any general guidance on how this whole system works would be most helpful. I read both the rubystack docs and the Bitrock InstallBuilder user guide, but I am still fuzzy on what the actual process for building an installable rails app is. Thanks!

Avatar ebrescia Administrator 13 post(s)

Hi Patchwork,

Thanks for the question. We may be able to help. Please send an email to erica at bitnami (dotorg) and we can discuss this offline.