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getc is obsolete; use STDIN.getc instead

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Avatar curious 2 post(s)

using the Bitnami Ruby stack on Mac OS 10.4 PPC, trying to install Wagn:

Using rubyconsole, when I get to the Wagn install step “rake gems:install” the console replies “running without hoptoad” then “gem install uuid”, then stops with the message:

/ruby/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/rubygems/spec_fetcher.rb:232: warning: getc is obsolete; use STDIN.getc instead

It doesn’t even toss me back to writing another command, it just stops blank, so I ctrl-c to abort it.

When I do “gem install hoptoad_notifier” it replies “ERROR: While executing gem … (RuntimeError) Marshal.load reentered at marshal_load”

I get the same errors whether I download from RubyForge or use Git.

What’s up? What can I do?

thanks ~ curious

Avatar curious 2 post(s)

the code on line 232 of spec_fetcher.rb is where the error happens. Here are lines 231-238

specs = begin Marshal.load spec_dump rescue ArgumentError spec_dump = @fetcher.fetch_path spec_path loaded = true Marshal.load spec_dump end