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How do I run Mongrel through Apache?

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Avatar dimo 3 post(s)

The mongrel apache relation confused me and I do not seem to be able to figure this out.

I installed RubyStack and modified the default ports as they were already taken. These are from my Installation report file:
Apache port: 84
Mongrel 1: 3005
Mongrel 2: 3006

I copied an existing project to the projects folder (documents and settings/user/bitnami rubystack/project)

I did the migrations and all that for production, and can start the application by
ruby script/server -e production -p 3005

This works fine and I am able to browse the application on port 3005. This is, however, the mongrel server and I think apache should be the gateway to the outside world and not mongrel. I cannot browse localhost:84/project though…

Can somebody point me the right direction on configuring this?

Avatar dimo 3 post(s)

Solved the problem. I found the configuration instructions at this excellent post and now understand how this works……

keyword: rubystack-mongrel-cluster.conf