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I need report.txt

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Avatar halsmith 3 post(s)

When I installed the previous version it gave me a report.txt that had lots of valuable info, like all the passwords I dreamed up. Also, it had a use_ruby.bat.
I don’t see either of those now. I especially need report.txt.

Avatar Manuel 71 post(s)

Hi halsmith,

Assuming that you installed RubyStack under C:\Program Files\BitNami RubyStack\. It should be located at:

C:\Program Files\BitNami RubyStack\report.txt
C:\Program Files\BitNami RubyStack\use_ruby.bat


Avatar halsmith 3 post(s)

In that case, I may be in trouble. I only wanted Rails 2.0, but could not see any way to update my BitName RubyStack. So I downloaded the latest to BitNami RubyStack1.0. Now I have both versions, but I suspect everything is messed up. The report.txt in BitNami RubyStack is still for 12/20/2007, as is use_ruby.bat. BitNami RubyStack1.0 still does not have these files.

You asked a bunch of questions:
Web server port
SSL port
IP address for Web server
MySQL server port

I have no idea what to answer, so I just made random answers until they were accepted. Now I would like to know what they were; the notes I made at the time are inadequate.

Your really do need a way to update.

Avatar halsmith 3 post(s)

It’s me again. I uninstalled my first download, deleted all the files made by running my second download (1.0), and ran the 1.0 again. This time, it wasn’t confused and worked fine.

You should ask people if this is their first time using BitNami RubyStack. Users (like me) can do some pretty stupid things sometimes, the they need to be protected from themselves.