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Location of php.ini?

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Avatar elganador 3 post(s)

I need to modify my php.ini file to enable some additional php related functionality. However, I can’t find it. I installed the Production version of the RubyStack and installed the Redmine module on top of it. I do not have a php directory in the directory into which I installed rubystack.

I created a phpinfo page and it indicates that php is indeed installed with a normal configuration. It also indicates that there is a php configuration (php.ini) file located at /bitnami/rubystack/output/php/lib . However, this location doesn’t exist anywhere on the computer, nor are there any output directories in the rubystack install directory.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for your time.

Avatar Beltrán Rueda Administrator 3,714 post(s)


The production mode of RubyStack does not include PHP, you should install RubyStack in development mode and selecting phpMyAdmin to install PHP.