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mySQL Qqery Browser

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Hello All,

Sorry if this is the wrong forum for this question but here goes. I have mySQL Query Browser installed and I can’t seem to use it create a DB for my app. When you open it up I type in my app name : it asks me if I want to create a new schema : yes : then I have the new schema but I don’t know where the DB is. How do I use the query browser to create a DB for my RubyStack app?

Thanks for any help!

Avatar Manuel 71 post(s)

Hi isea,

MySQL Query Browser lets you run MySQL commands the same way you’d do by running mysql from a Use Ruby console, but getting the results within a nice GUI.

The first step is to connect to your existent RubyStack MySQL server: When you start MySQL Query Browser you are asked for creating a connection. If not, go to File =>New Connection. You’ll be asked for the following fields:

  • Server Hostname: localhost
  • Port: your-mysql-port
  • Username: root
  • Password: your-root-password
  • Default Schema: leave-empty

Now click ‘Connect’ and should now be connected to your MySQL database. If you do not remember any of this fields check the installation report: Start => All Programs => BitNami RubyStack => Installation report.

The second step is to create the databases: At the top of the application you’ll see a text field with an ‘Execute’ button at its right. Write the following commands there and click ‘Execute’. I’m assuming thet your Rails application is called my_new_app:

CREATE DATABASE IF NOT EXISTS my_new_app_production;
CREATE DATABASE IF NOT EXISTS my_new_app_development;

And the databases should now be created. Remember that you must configure your new Rails application to correctly connect to the server. Step by step instructions about doing that and the steps above through a console are explained at From InstantRails to RubyStack at the point How do I create another Rails application?

hope this helps