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mysql2 error and database.yml file

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I thought I would post this because I ran into this problem today and it took quite a number of uninstall/reinstalls to figure it out. IANAC (I’m not a coder/backend developer).

In a nutshell, I was creating a project with Rails3 stack and trying to connect to a MySQL database. I kept getting “Access denied” errors despite checking and rechecking the database, the user privileges, etc.

Finally, I discovered it was the socket in the database.yml file. It was automatically created to point to /tmp/mysql.sock, but after I changed it to /Bitnami_installation_directory/rubystack/mysql/tmp/mysql.sock, happiness ensued.

Would think that this would be automated by the rails new generator in the stack. Took me several hours to figure out, so I hope this helps some other newbie.

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Oh, and I should point out that when the rubystack installer creates a test project, it uses this directory for the socket in the database.yml file.

However, after, when you use the rubyconsole to create a new project, it uses /tmp/mysql.sock.

This just seems odd to me. Can this be fixed?

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Thanks for reporting it. We will document this issue and we will try to find a solution to fix it.