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OSx Aptana not finding RMagick

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Avatar kimberly 3 post(s)

I just got Rubystack installed, moved my old app, fired it up and all is great. Thanks!
Now I want to configure my IDE, Aptana, to work with rubystack. I need help getting Aptana to use rubystacks Imagemagick/Rmagick.
I get the error: no such file to load— (MissingSourceFile)
because I am using: require ‘RMagick’ in a plugin.

Please advise me on how to get Aptana to see rubystack’s Rmagick files.

Avatar danoo Administrator 81 post(s)

Hi Kimberly,

Probably the only thing you need to do is setting environment variable MAGICK_CODER_MODULE_PATH and updating PATH inside Aptana RadRails IDE. It was already described here:

Another thing I was doing in past is to set following environment variables directly in environment.rb file or just add them to one of initializers (Rails 2.0). You can find the example below:

ENV[“GS_FONTPATH”] = ”/bitnami/rubystack/common/share/ghostscript/fonts”
ENV[“GS_LIB”] = ”/bitnami/rubystack/common/share/ghostscript/fonts”

I hope it helps. Let us know if you still have problems.


Avatar kimberly 3 post(s)

Hi Danoo,
Thanks for the suggestions. I read those two posts, but I am running Aptana on a Mac OSX not Windows. I also tried setting the environment variables as you suggested, still getting the same missing source file error as before. Any other suggestions?


Avatar kimberly 3 post(s)

I figured it out. I had a old copy of Ruby that Aptana was using.
Just a recap:
Aptana on a Mac – you only need to set the preferences – no need to add any environment variables
Make sure you have no other ruby packages installed anywhere.