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paths in apache apr scripts of rubystack

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Avatar jean 10 post(s)

Hi folks,

have installed successfully the rubystack-1.0 under default location on a RedHat 4 machine :

directory /opt/rubystack-1.0/apache2/bin/ contains the apr-1-config and apu-1-config files with various prefix and include dirs to be hardcoded with /bitnami/rubystack/apache2 ????

when running the apache2 httpd tests (downloaded from the following error is raised

t/TEST -configure ... cd list_modules && make .libs/ make1: Entering directory `/space/Apache-Test/httpd-test/perl-framework/c-modules/list_modules’ /opt/rubystack-1.0/apache2/bin/apxs -D APACHE2 -I/space/Apache-Test/httpd-test/perl-framework/c-modules -c mod_list_modules.c /bitnami/rubystack/apache2/build/libtool—silent—mode=compile gcc -prefer-pic -I/opt/rubystack-1.0/common/include -DLINUX=2 -D_REENTRANT -D_GNU_SOURCE -D_LARGEFILE64_SOURCE -pthread -I/opt/rubystack-1.0/apache2/include -I/bitnami/rubystack/apache2/include -I/bitnami/rubystack/apache2/include -I/space/Apache-Test/httpd-test/perl-framework/c-modules -DAPACHE2 -c -o mod_list_modules.lo mod_list_modules.c && touch mod_list_modules.slo sh: /bitnami/rubystack/apache2/build/libtool: No such file or directory apxs:Error: Command failed with rc=8323072

it fails as there are paths referring to /bitnami/rubystack/ which is a non existing dir !!!

when modifying manually the apu-1-config and apr-1-config delivered scripts (into /opt/rubystack-1.0/apache2/bin) to replace variables like prefix, exec_prefix, datadir, includedir from /bitnami/rubystack/ to /opt/rubystack-1.0/ pb is fixed and configure ends up successfully

question is to know whether paths for these variables of these apr scripts can be changed via parameters ?

doing a t/TEST -help i can not see any such available parameter ????

how can we avoid to change manually apr scripts to point to the right location ?

of course there is the solution of creating symlinks… not ideal

but want to know if this is some kind of bug or limitation or smth that can be changed when installing the rubystack ?

any thoughts ?

thks in advance for your help,

Avatar Daniel Lopez Administrator 140 post(s)

Hi Jean,

To make the stacks relocatable, we change the paths at installation time in a number of configuration files, scripts and so on. It seems we are not changing those paths in a number of files related to compiling in third-party extensions. We will fix this for a future version of the stacks. Just to let you now, it may take a couple of weeks to fix this (hopefully less) our current focus is on getting out a Solaris version. In the mean time you could just use sed or a perl script to manually replace the prefix /bitnami/rubystac with the actual installation prefix. Thank you for reporting this!

Avatar jean 10 post(s)

Hi Daniel,

thks for your feedbacks
just to give you some pointers as i’m working at Sun precisely on OSS stacks validation, SUN has shipped for its Solaris Sparc and X86 a stack integrating a set of common popular web components, called coolstack

you may take a look at : for getting the version of SXDE < 01/08 and load separate stack (as packages) at

currently Sun is working on its webstack for OpenSolaris that will be bundled into the new SXDE 01/08 release (going out shortly)

NB : i’m currently working in comparing the tests results of SAMP vs LAMP that’s why i try to run the OSS tests suites of the AMP components integrated for a Linux stack (using the Bitnami LampStack and RubyStack)


Avatar Daniel Lopez Administrator 140 post(s)

Hi Jean,

Thank you for taking the time to test our stack. Please let us know any suggestions you may have for things we should fix or could improve, and of course, if we can help you as well with your testing. We plan to release the Solaris stack for Sparc 8,9,10 and Intel version10, will let you know as soon as we have it

Avatar jean 10 post(s)

Daniel, thks for your help

1) yes it is definitely very helpfull to get your support on getting the non regressions tests running for OSS components integrated into the bitnami stacks :
as said, final objective is to publish through community blog/article dedicated to sun webstack, the SAMP test results compared with those obtained on Lampstack, referring here to the bitnami stack

through different posts i’ve tried to raise a couple of issues and suggest some workarounds that might help in having the AMP tests to run
and having for any stack the non regression tests able to run is a kind of must to validate integration does not break at component functional level
for now i have succesfully be able to finally run the AMP tests taking the bitnami rubystack :)

the only gap i can see is that Sun is integrating apache 2.2.6 and i thought you were doing the same when reading at, but actually when doing the following below, actual version is 2.24 :


./apachectl -v
Server version: Apache/2.2.4 (Unix)
Server built: Jan 2 2008 13:27:49

2) by the way, i would be happy to get into the stack you will integrate for Solaris <=10 and assess it by running non regression tests : pls let me know when possible


Avatar Daniel Lopez Administrator 140 post(s)

Hi Jean,

Just wanted to let you know we just released SAMPStack. We wanted to get it out as soon as possible, so there may still be a few rough edges. In particular, we still are working on incorporating your suggestions for the release of the next version of stacks that include Apache/MySQL. You can download it at: