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php 5.3

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Whats the roadmap to include php 5.3 in rubystack

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We have already a proof of concept but there are several applications which does not support this version yet. Take a look these posts:……

We are thinking to create a beta stack with PHP 5.3 for developers. Could you tell us why do you want a Stack with PHP 5.3 ? Is for running applications or for your own PHP application?


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its for running FLOW3 framework which is used to build TYPO3 v5.
Flow3 and Typo3 v5 minimum requirement is PHP 5.3

Avatar MySchizoBuddy 22 post(s)

Symfony 2 also now requires PHP 5.3

Is it to add two seperate versions 5.2.10 and 5.3 in one bitnami stack. During installation ask which version the user wants