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Problem with Rails 2.0

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Avatar Samuel 3 post(s)

Hi, I’m a real newbie in RoR but trying to learn with the “Agile Web Development with Rails”-book. Since RubyStack contains Rails 2.0 and the book is written for 1.2.6 or something i got problems with the scaffold. Is there any way to downgrade to 1.2.6? i made a try but it all end up in more troubles..


Avatar Beltrán Rueda Administrator 3,714 post(s)

Hi Samuel,

Yes of course, you can install the version of rails that you want. If you want to install rails 1.2.6 you can type this into the rubyconsole:

gem install rails -v 1.2.6 -y

if you want to uninstall rails 2.0.2 you can type:

gem uninstall rails -v 2.0.2

Kind regards.

Avatar Samuel 3 post(s)

Hi, thanks for a fast reply!

Anyway I followed your instructions the installation went perfect but when i try to make a new application this happens:

bash-3.2$ rails depot
/home/samuel/rubystack/ruby/bin/rails: line 9: require: kommandot hittades inte
/home/samuel/rubystack/ruby/bin/rails: line 10: version: kommandot hittades inte
/home/samuel/rubystack/ruby/bin/rails: line 11: syntax error near unexpected token `(‘
/home/samuel/rubystack/ruby/bin/rails: line 11: `if ARGV.first =~ /^(.*)$/ and Gem::Version.correct? $1 then’

Somebody know something about this?


Avatar Samuel 3 post(s)

sorry, forgot to tell: “kommandot hittades inte” = “the command was not found” ...