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project got created on my d:\drive, cannot start server - cannot connect to sample application

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Avatar Clauder 2 post(s)

The installation went well as far as I can see, but since I have a D:\drive where all my stuff goes to, when the sample project was created, it’s path is D:\Documents and Settings\(my-user-name)\BitNami RubyStack projects. Everything else is created on the C:\

I was able to finally see the project welcome page when I copied the folders from my D:\ drive to:
C:\Documents and Settings\(my-user-name)\Application Data\BitNami RubyStack projects\rubystack , and then start the server with script/server.

Does it mean that everytime I create a project I’ll have to do this?

I know this probably has to do with basic windozian stuff (My Ubuntu installation will be much simpler …), but since I’d like to develop an app to solve a problem at the office, I have to be able to work on my work laptop. :-(

Can someone provide a clue to avoid having to create projects on my d:\ drive and copy it to c:\ ?

I tried modifying my path as:

SystemRoot\system32;SystemRoot;SystemRoot\System32\Wbem;C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adaptec Shared\System;C:\Program Files\Common Files\Attachmate Shared;C:\Program Files\Common Files\GTK\2.0\bin;C:\Program Files\QuickTime\QTSystem\;C:\Program Files\Aqsis\bin;C:\Program Files\OpenSSH\bin;C:\Program Files\Aqsis\bin;C:\dev\sqlite3;D:\Documents and Settings\T006137\BitNami RubyStack projects;D:\Documents and Settings\T006137\BitNami RubyStack projects\rubystack;

but no cigar …


Avatar Manuel 71 post(s)

Hi Clauder,

Due some Windows’ permission conflicts, the sample Rails project is created inside your personal directory. It doesn’t matter if you install RubyStack on C:, if your Windows’ personal dir is on D:, the Rails project will be created on D:.

However, there is no reason for the application for not to start correctly. Can you post the error message you get when you try to run “script/server”?

On the other hand, you can create another Rails project where you want. Just chdir to that location and run “rails my-app-name”, a new application will be created there. Just copy the config/database.yml file from the sample project to the new one so it can use the RubyStack-created databases.

hope this clarify your issue


Avatar Clauder 2 post(s)

I’ll check it out. For the moment I’m on my Ubuntu box, and as I guessed, the Stack installed faster, and ran perfectly without a glitch as I thought it would. :-)