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RubyStack hangs on Windows while installing

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Avatar funbit 3 post(s)

Hello! Firstly, I want to thank you for such a great efforts of creating BitNami packages!

I have a problem with RubyStack distributive (RubyStack 2.0-1) on my Windows Server 2003 machine. The installation hangs on “intalling gems..” status. I waited for a couple of hours – but nothing changed :( It seems that it hangs at the very end point, because the destination directory has 600MB of 37979 files. The guide says that there’s probably a conflict with MySQL – but I always set different ports for all different services.. I had WAMP installed, so I thought it could cause the problem. I uninstalled it (using uninstall.exe) and ALL related windows services and directories and tried to install RubyStack again – but no luck :((

Is there any clues what can cause such problems?

Thanks in advance

Avatar funbit 3 post(s)

Just tried to install RedmineStack and got the same problem… the installed hung (The screenshot of the processes attached).
Also, tried to install it on Windows 7 machine – everything went fine :(


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Avatar Beltrán Rueda Administrator 3,714 post(s)


Sorry we can not reproduce on our side. The “Installing gems” process takes a lot of time (about 5 minutes) so maybe is not hang. Could you try in a XP or Vista system?

Avatar funbit 3 post(s)

Well, I have tried everything I could to install the RubyStack on my Windows Server 2003… The OS itself is almost clean and has all window updates installed. I tried to close all background applications before running RubyStack install. But it still hangs… I waited for about 5 hours – so it definitely stuck :( But since the installation succeeded on Windows 7 – I’ll use it instead.

Avatar phil.hansen3 1 post

I just ran into the same issue installing on server 2003. The installation continued to hang. I found out the problem was a lack of memory on my virtual machine. I increased the memory of the vm to 1024 mb for the install and it went smooth.

Hope this helps