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Avatar BitnamiDMC 2 post(s)

When I execute “jruby script/dbconsole” I get the following error message. I checked my Path statement and I think it correctly includes the path for mysql. Any suggestions?

“Couldn’t find database client: mysql5, mysql. Check your $Path and try again.
C:/Program/Files/BitnamiJRubyStack/jruby/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/rubygems/custom_require.rb:32:in ‘require’ from script/dbconsole:3”

Avatar antonio 621 post(s)


Have you loaded the environment variables? There is a batch script called use_jruby.bat or similar in the installation directory.


Avatar BitnamiDMC 2 post(s)


I believe I did. I executed the command from the JRubyStack environment, which I started from the Program menu…Use Bitnami JRubyStack. I can launch MySQL by executing the command mysql -u root -p from the same command line. I was just trying to use the shorter method.

Thanks for your feedback…any other ideas?