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Start BitNami RubyStack Service on Start Menu

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Avatar Dan Drinkwater 4 post(s)


When I click on the Start Menu -> BitNami RubyStack -> BitNami RubyStack Service—> Start BitNami RubyStack Service, nothing appears to happen. What is suppose to happen when I click on this button? Is it suppopse to bring up a window, or should I see nothing at all?

Is there or will there be a manual and tutorial for the RubyStack and Ruby on Rails? Thank you. Dan…

Avatar Manuel 71 post(s)

Hi Dan,

“Start/Stop BitNami RubyStack Service” just launches/stops the needed Windows services. Right now: MySQL. No pop up windows will be shown.

If you want some feedback that everything is ok, you can click "Start -> Run ->" there write “services.msc” and press Enter. There you can see a service called “RubyStack MySQL” that will start and stop according to the start menu entries.

To learn a bit about how to use the RubyStack I recommend you the Quick Start Guide, which can be found at or in your “Start Menu”, inside the folder “BitNami RubyStack”.


Avatar Dan Drinkwater 4 post(s)

Last week I first learned of Ruby and Ruby on Rails, and downloaded InstantRails. I then found the tutorial, Rolling on Ruby on Rails. That tutroial was made for InstantRails. Can that tutorial be used with the BitNami RubyStack, to make the Cookbook project, mentioned in the tutorieal? I am trying to find a tutorial to use in learnin
g how to use the RubyStack. Thanks. Dan

Avatar Daniel Lopez Administrator 140 post(s)

RubyStack is just getting started, and there is not much documentation yet. That is part of our focus right now. Which exact URL is that tutorial located at? Maybe we can update it and contribute the changes back to the author.

Avatar Dan Drinkwater 4 post(s)

Here is a link to the InstantRails tutorial I was referring to:
Thank you. Dan

Avatar Manuel 71 post(s)

Thanks for your feedback Dan. We have just published an small guide for those which migrating from InstantRails. We will work on updating InstantRails tutorial (we will ask permission to the author).