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Two independent RubyStacks

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Avatar HenryS 5 post(s)

I need two RubyStacks of different editions, running independently on the same Win PC. Is it possible? If yes, what should I do besides simple installation in different folders?

(I do not need Apache and MySQL for the second stack. More, I would prefer not to have them at all. Mongrel and SQLite are enough for the case.)


Avatar Beltrán Rueda Administrator 3,714 post(s)

Hi HernyS

Yes, you can install two RubyStacks in different folders, this is one of the advantages to use a BitNami Stacks :)
About your second question, RubyStack installs Apache and MySQL automatically but you can remove its services and you can delete Apache and MySQL folders if you want.

To remove Apache and MySQL services you can execute:

> cd <installation_directory>
> serviceinstall.bat REMOVE