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VirtualHosts and RubyStack

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Hi there.

I’ve set up RubyStack on my Linux box to run the Redmine module.

As RubyStack comes with apache2, php and mysql I have what I need to start serving up Redmine and my php sites. I have no other apache lamp-installation on this box.

I’m used to creating virtual hosts by creating a file in /etc/apache2/sites-available then use a2ensite to enable that site. How can I do this with the RubyStack?

I guess I could install the LAMP-stack in addition to Ruby-stack but;
1. My box has only got 1GB ram, won’t this be hard on the server?
2. Since I’d end up with 2 apache instances one of them can’t run on 80 I would guess, which is not what I want.

To recap ;)

How do I specify virtual hosts for apache with the ruby stack?