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What is creating "c:\Program" ?

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Avatar cpaltenghe 7 post(s)

Since I have been using BitNami Rubystack, each morning when I reboot the computer, the security software warns me there is a file called “C:\Program” (no extension) that could cause system problems (probably due to its name). The system security software renames the file. I inspected the contents of the file and it definitely looks like a binary, but also has strong evidence that BitNami is creating it. What is this file and why is it created?

Avatar Manuel 71 post(s)

Hi cpaltenghe,

Can you please mail us at a copy of that file and the log installation file which is located at "C:\Documents and Settings\your-user-name\Local Settings\Temp\bitrock_installer_*.log".


Avatar cpaltenghe 7 post(s)

I just sent you the email, let me know if you don’t receive it. Sometimes we get filtered out as spam.

Avatar Manuel 71 post(s)

The mail was received correctly. Thank you for your feedback we are working on the problem.

Avatar Manuel 71 post(s)

Hi again cpaltenghe,

  • We’ve investigated the installation logs and everything looks ok.
  • It seems that actually the file is Rails related because it contains strings that mentions gems and RubyStack.
  • We installed RubyStack in different ways but no file with that name created.
  • The creation dates suggest that “C:\Program” was created a few days before RubyStack was installed.

Maybe, the file was created by an erroneous Rails command run through the “Use Ruby” console, due a not properly installed program or wrong environment variable. We suggest to delete the file and keep working. If you find more information about the issue we’ll be glad to see it posted here.

Thank you very much for your feedback cpaltenghe.

Avatar cpaltenghe 7 post(s)

Thank you for looking into it. I’m now wondering if Aptana RadRails might be creating it? That file seems to get created every day, and I use RadRails daily. I just never got the warning until I installed Rubystack. I’ll let you know if I ever figure it out.
Thanks again!