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zip package?

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Avatar teddy 2 post(s)


I did not try the installation of your software mostly because I do not like software installers on windows and stupid unnecessary registry modifications they do.

can you / will you provide a simple zip package?

best regards,

Avatar Daniel Lopez Administrator 140 post(s)

Hi Teddy,

This is something that we will eventually do (the idea here too being that you can install in an USB stick and just carry that around with you, or even launch RubyStsck from a CDROM) but it will take a bit. Our focus right now is on adding features to RubyStack and stabilizing it. Having said that, our stacks are fully self-contained and try not to change the environment or install things all over the place. In particular, the installers do not make any registry modifications



Avatar wfroelich 1 post

I would second this request. One of the main advantages of InstantRails was the ability to “install” it by unzipping to a directory. Perfect for those situations where you do not have admin rights to install software. Losing that ability is huge in terms of switching to the RubyStack.

Avatar petchia 12 post(s)

I also really want this feature. The best thing of InstantRails is that it is so simple to work with. No .exe files to run, etc.

The other really nice feature of InstantRails is the little windows program they give you to start and stop applications.

Is there anyway to use that application for this project. It’s open source right?

Avatar teddy 2 post(s)

I have installed RubyStack eventually, mostly because of curiosity. And I was so surprised, just like petchia was, to see that there is no tool for RubyStack administration. It also took me a few good minutes until I discovered how to run RubyStack correctly.

I really hope that we shall not wait too much until a zip package and an administration tool will be available.