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New stacks I'd like to see

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Avatar znmeb 5 post(s)

I’m doing a lot of work with “open data” and “data journalism”. There are quite a few server tools out there that would make great stacks, or could be combined into one stack:

1. Ushahidi
2. SwiftRiver
3. ScraperWiki
4. Rapache

I’m building openSUSE based appliances for data journalism, but they’re desktops, not servers. I’ve thought about putting the server components in, but the appliances I make now are pretty big as is, and a server-only stack would be much smaller. And I onlt have tools for making openSUSE appliances, not Ubuntu appliances or installers for MacOS X or Windows. Bitnami would be a logical place for these to get made.

Avatar Beltrán Rueda Administrator 3,714 post(s)

Thanks for your suggestion. We are concentrating our efforts in BitNami Could Hosting but we will add them in our TODO list.