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Bitnami Subversion via SSH

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Avatar vngeek 2 post(s)

I got Redmine to work with SSH/https following some excellent instructions provided by someone on this forum.

I am however completely stuck in getting Subversion to work with SSH. Instead of using the Subversion module provided with Redmine I installed the Bitnami Subversion stack.

My question(s):
1 – Does anyone have some easy instruction for getting Bitnami Subversion to work over SSH on a Mac or Ubuntu?

2 – Do I need to create login accounts for each user or is that not needed?

3 – Is there any way how restrict access to Bitnami Subversion to only those users that have submitted their public key to the server admin?

Thanks, Marcel

Avatar Beltrán Rueda Administrator 3,714 post(s)

Maybe this guide is helpful for you…

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