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Hi, i’m setting up subversion stack on a MAMP machine. I am fairly new to apache and i was wondering if there is a guide to setting up security post installation? I see that all config files and password files are plain text and owned by whatever account installed it with properties: rw-r-r—
(i am mostly worried about read for everyone setting)

My questions are:
1)What user should apache be running under?
2)Is there a way to setup auto start on boot?

I am hoping to have an svn repository accessible via the net, i already forwarded port 8080 to this machine. Thanks for any input!

Avatar Beltrán Rueda Administrator 3,714 post(s)


If you have installed the Stack as a regular user, Apache will run using that user. In other case, if you have installed as root user, the Apache server will be running as a “daemon” user.

You can also install as service on OS X to start the Apache and Subversion server on boot. This guide could be helpful for you…

Avatar verxile 2 post(s)

awesome , exactly what i needed!

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