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Avatar mjudd 16 post(s)

Hi there

I am a nebie with Subversion – so apologise in advance for this quesion.

Is there a GUI inetrface for Subversion or does it have to be used at the command level?

What other options are there if I am new to cvs apps but not too hot with commnad levels languages?


Avatar antonio 621 post(s)

Hi mjudd,

We don’t package any GUI application with our Subversion Stack. If you are a Windows user, a popular one is Tortoise SVN


Avatar mjudd 16 post(s)

Hi Antonio

Thanks for your help so far. It appears that Tortoise isn’t stable running under VISTA (and that seems to be the case for me). Do you have any other suggestion for Windows based CVS apps


Avatar antonio 621 post(s)

Unfortunately, Tortoise is the only one I know (I’m a Linux user and command line lover).

Avatar BitFan 3 post(s)

Maybe a bit too late a reply, but I’ll nevertheless recommend QSvn as a GUI frontend for subversion on Windows. It is intuitive to a Windows user, used to navigating tree and list widgets. It works on Linux and Windows. Worth a look.

Avatar sphereoid 8 post(s)

Rapid SVN is what I use. It works out pretty well for me.

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