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Linux-based stack with Active Directory authentication?

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Avatar bartaj 4 post(s)

We currently run Subversion/TRAC/TortioseSVN on a virtual Windows 2003 server in a couple sites, but these were installed very piece-meal, and have troubles between sites in checking-out and checking-in data (across the WAN). We want to upgrade to a Bitnami stack version in both sites, but I would prefer running on a Linux back-end (RedHat v5). Is there any way to authenticate back to our Windows AD service? Without this, we will have to run on a Windows server. Thanks for any help.

Avatar Beltrán Rueda Administrator 3,714 post(s)


Not sure if it is possible. Anyway you have the Trac Stack for Windows and Linux.

Avatar sputnik 1 post

We’re running Subversion under Windows currently on a VM too and would like to switch to Bitnami SVN. However we do require Windows authentication. Is not possible? Can anyone else shed any light on this?

Simon Shaw.

Avatar bartaj 4 post(s)

sputnik — there is no problem authenticating from a Windows VM back to your Windows Active Directory (AD). There is no difference (really) between a VM and a physical machine, not as far as the O/S goes.

I realize that we would likely have to have LDAP integrated with AD in order to use a Linux-based SVN server. We have tried to make that happen, but are still in two different worlds (UNIX and Windows).

So, I will likely build a Windows VM for these two new sites… esp. since the Linux stack for SVN says this in the release notes:
“This version of the BitNami Subversion is a preview version, and as such, may contain a number of bugs and be a little bit rough around the edges. We are working on the next release, which will contain several improvements along with expanded documentation.” So, it sounds like the Linux SVN stack is a little ‘weak’ anyway right now.


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