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Is there any way to change which server socket SVN serve is using?

Avatar carlos Administrator 144 post(s)


You can change the port where SVN is listening changing the ‘—listen-port’ option in start up scripts.

On Unix systems, replace the value 3690 inside ${installdir}/subversion/scripts/

SVN_START="${installdir}/subversion/bin/svnserve -d -r /home/carlos/subversion-1.6.12-0/repository --listen-port=3690 --pid-file=$SVN_PIDFILE"

and then restart the server running:

${installdir}/ restart subversion

On Windows, you need to change the value in this line inside ${installdir}\subversion\scripts\serviceinstall.bat:

"${installdir}\scripts\winserv.exe" install subversion -diplayname "subversion" -start auto "${installdir}\subversion\bin\svnserve.exe" -d --listen-port=3690

and then reinstall the service. You can do this using the script from the command line:

> ${installdir}\subversion\scripts\serviceinstall.bat REMOVE
> ${installdir}\subversion\scripts\serviceinstall.bat INSTALL

I hope it helps

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