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Hello everyone, I’m trying to get Eclipse to talk to my subversion instance through VMPlayer and the subversion 1.6.6-0-opensuse appliance but I have zero linux knowledge. Does the appliance already have a repository set up and if so how do i access it?

I assumed it didnt so created one myself following these instructions:…

I have installed subclipse and am trying to point it to my repository which i assume is svn://xxx.×.×.xx/src (src being the folder I created the repository in, as per the instructions linked to above). Does that sound right?

When I create the link I get a message saying "Error validating location “…” Bad URL passed to RA layer.
svn: URL ‘svn://xxx.xx.×.xx/src’ non-existent in revision 0.

Now then, I assume thats ok and its just telling me that the repository is empty r
So then I go to my project and try to share it with that location and i get Authorization Failed error. Why am I getting that? I have changed the svnserve.conf file to allow anon write access as per the instructions above, again, so what else am I missing?


Avatar Beltrán Rueda Administrator 3,714 post(s)


Could you try to add the following in the Subversion server script to use the repository. Try to modify the following line installdir/apps/subversion/scripts/

svnserve -d -r subversion_repository_path —listen-port=… —pid-file=…

I hope it helps

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