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Subversion with a different root directory

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This is more of a subversion question, although I’m encountering this problem with the redmine stack. I’m trying to set the root for svnserve to /media/Local Disk/svn. I’ve been able to do this successfully on Windows XP, but now I’m using Xubuntu. The current line I have in the startup script is this:

SVN_START=”/BitnamiRedmine/redmine-0.7.2-0/subversion/bin/svnserve -d—listen-port=3690—pid-file=$SVN_PIDFILE -r /media/Local Disk/svn”

However, when I run, this doesn’t work. I’ve also tried—root=blah/blah and other variants. Could someone please tell me what would be the correct command here?

Thank you in advance for any help.

Avatar Beltrán Rueda Administrator 3,714 post(s)


It should be run. I tried to start with a repository and it runs well. You should execute ”./ start”. What error you can see if you execute manually the following action?

$ /BitnamiRedmine/redmine-0.7.2-0/subversion/bin/svnserve -d—listen-port=3690— -r /media/Local Disk/svn


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